Gordon far from retiring helping community

Dave Gordon may be retired, but he doesn’t have time to relax. The golf clubs sit idle; the fishing pole is rather lonely. Why? For one thing, even though he’s retired, he’s still earning a paycheck as owner of Foreign 5 and Lucy’s Delicatessen. Three years ago, the owners of these Chippewa Falls mainstays wanted... Continue Reading →

Kubbtown, USA

I had a lot of fun writing this article, Kubbtown, USA for Eau Claire, Wisconsin's Volume One Magazine. Kubb is the lawn game of Eau Claire and has played a role in revitalizing the town, as Eau Claire continues its transition from blue collar roots after the major factories closed. I had a chance to sit... Continue Reading →

Hot Plots

What happens when a former farm boy joins the city council of a small city? Urban agriculture, or course! Read all about Eau Claire's newest community garden at Volume One Magazine.

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