Rain Gardens Keep Green Water Away

Last fall, a rain garden was planted along the banks of Lake Menomin in Menomonie. The people who planted it hope that it will show their neighbors a way to help prevent blooms of cyanobacteria (also called blue-green algae) in Lake Menomin. Cyanobacteria blooms are a big problem. They make people sick and turn lakes... Continue Reading →

Why is That?: Neat-o Mosquito

Neat-o Mosquito is the first of my regular columns in Chippewa Valley Family Magazine. I've always enjoyed science and have long wanted to be a science writer. I've also enjoyed writing for my children, so a science column for kids seemed like a perfect fit. I've long wondered how insects survive the winter, so this... Continue Reading →

University of Wisconsin iDocs Blog

I manage and write for the UW iDocs instructional design blog. We use this blog as professional development for our instructors, to share the policies and procedures of our unit, and to share quick tips about the LMS.

Sisters on Separate Trails

I finally published an essay that I had been working on for quite some time about my twin sister Bethie, called Sisters on Separate Trails. This story is centered around a day we spent in Hayward, Wisconsin, when she skied the Prince Haakon cross country ski race. Writing this piece was a lesson in how... Continue Reading →

The Magic of a Small City on WPR

  I had an amazing time recording a story for Wisconsin Public Radio's Wisconsin Life program. This story was originally published in Volume One. It was a wonderful experience. Click on the link to hear the recording of that essay, The Magic of a Small City.

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